A Tiny Ripple

I can't think of a clever line to put here
First of all, President Obama was born in Hawaii. I don’t know how much more proof he could have given at that point. But second of all, even if he hadn’t have been, seriously, who cares? Who cares, in all caps with an exclamation point after it. WHO CARES?! It’s not something he can control, and it doesn’t say anything about his character. John McCain was born on a naval base in Panama. I didn’t care about that. I don’t care. At some level, the birther movement is not about hardcore, Constitutional originalists being very concerned with following the letter of the law. It’s about the weird and disturbed people who are—probably on some level—racist, not liking the fact that a black man named Barack Obama is the president, and trying to find a way to say that without saying “I’m a weird, crazy racist.” That’s what that movement was about. But I also wanted to make clear that even if, in the future, a Caucasian gentleman who wants to run for president happens to have been born in Bern, Switzerland—who cares? That law, as I understand it, was established because they didn’t want people from England to come and usurp the country and be in league with England. I think we’re probably safe from that at this point. I don’t think we’re in danger of having a secret British national loyalist running for president and then selling us back to England or something. We’re probably okay.
Michael Schur, creator and showrunner of Parks And Recreation, on the birther movement
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